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Annotate Your ActiveRecord Models with Comments About Your Table Structure - Rails Plugin of the Week

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Welcome to the new Rails Plugin of the Week series highlighting a different Rails plugin (or gem) each week. Let’s kick off the series with the annotate-models gem.

What’s annotate-models?

The annotate-models gem lets you annotate your ActiveRecord models with a comment block listing all the records’ fields and data types pulled from the database table schema in the Ruby source code. Let’s look at feed_item.rb – an ActiveRecord model for web feed items – as an example:

Before (feed_item.rb):

class FeedItem < ActiveRecord::Base


After (feed_item.rb):

# == Schema Information
# Schema version: 20080722054422
# Table name: items
#  id         :integer(11)  not null, primary key
#  title      :string(255)
#  guid       :string(255)
#  link       :string(255)
#  content    :text
#  published  :datetime
#  updated    :datetime
#  created_at :datetime
#  updated_at :datetime  

class FeedItem < ActiveRecord::Base


That’s all there is to it.

Installation and Usage

To get started install the annotate-models gem:

sudo gem install annotate-models

To annotate your models change into your Rails app folder and run annotate. That’s it. annotate-models loops over all your models in the app/models folder and pulls the table schema from the database and adds a comment block at the top of your Ruby sources. Example:

cd planet

To update your ActiveRecord annotations after changing the table structure (using Rails database schema migrations) rerun annotate. Note, that annotate-models will wipe out the comment block from the last run including all comments you add to the block. You have been warned.


Dave Thomas (of Pragmatic Programmers fame) hacked up the first annotate_models plugin in a plane in 2006. Cuong Tran gem-ified the plugin and added patches from various contributors.


Questions? Comments? Corrections? Send them along to the Vancouver.rb forum/mailing list. Thanks!

Written by Gerald

July 22, 2008 at 7:40 am

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